KPI reports


Hotel owners requires the KPI reports as quick as possible and accurate. This is very important for making right decisions. However, old systems provide reports with limited tools and some of them fails to meet the hotel’s original KPIs. At that time, hotel owners is needed to ask managers to make KPI reports. This exercise takes a lot of time and human effort for making KPI reports. Sometimes, this results in delay in decision making. THE OMOTENASHI provides real-time KPI reports and users can build their own dashboards very easily. This helps in making business decision faster/accurate by hotel owner.

Amend short/extend stay


Changing reservations are requested regularly at hotels. Staff has to accommodate amend request and make quick changes into system. However, it require changes at many places like room allocation, billing, ledger etc. THE OMOTENASHI amendment is automatic. Just change the date and it will change all the information within seconds.

Auto billing

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Billing is complicated and painful process for hotels. Thus it needs to be accurate and quick changes are required. Veteran staff can make it easily but young staff may face problems sometimes. THE OMOTENASHI supports auto billing. Billing details will be added when booking takes place or any extra charges are been applied. Ofcourse, this constitutes weekdays or weekend rates as well and automatically accommodates it into billing details automatically. Staff does not need to take care of painful billing process.

Staff time card


Hotel working hours are very flexible for staffs. It includes early,late or even over night shifts. It’s a tough job by the manager to track staff’s time card. THE OMOTENASHI has staff time card function. This works on mobile devices as well. Therefore, staff can enter his/her time card anytime and anywhere. This helps in tracking the staff time card with accuracy.

Internet 2 way


Internet reservations are very important for hotel operations. It accumulate guests from worldwide and it needs to run 24*7. Because of this, hotels have many of OTA connections. However, it needs to update inventory when direct booking happens at hotel. THE OMOTENASHI has 2 way communication to OTA. THE OMOTENASHI uploads its inventory to internet when direct booking happens. This automatically reduces the  human work and increases accuracy of internet inventory. This will never fail to book the hotels through internet.



POS(Point of sales) is one of the important operations for hotels who have some shopping venue. Previously, POS was required to have some specific devices and special interfaces for hotel systems. However, recently, many of intelligent new POS technology have been  developed and now they can be enjoyed from different places. However, hotels can not enjoy this since it needs to build interfaces compatible with these new POS. THE OMOTENASHI has standard POS features and is flexible enough to integrate new POS technologies.

With THE OMOTENASHI, there are no constraints and this acts as one of the strengths of using POS in operations.

Duplicate management


Customer management is a key feature for hotel operations. However, duplicate management tends to be a problem for Hotels. Duplicate happens if hotel does not have an efficient tool which identifies and eliminates the duplicate customer. THE OMOTENASHI has good duplicate management tool and it automatically eliminates duplicate when customer details are added from the internet. THE OMOTENASHI uses “Name + Postal code + Telephone” as a duplicate identifier. This will eliminate over 90 % of duplicates and has other tools which also cleans the rest. Using THE OMOTENASHI will lead to keeping of unique customers. Hotels can always get proper and accurate customer information.


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Hotel operation requests quick actions especially in front of guest.

Hotel operation requests quick actions especially in the presence of guests. THE Omotenashi is keen to usability and eliminates unnecessary process and directly login to desired pages. We use following 3 points in order to make good usability system.

– Navigation : THE OMOTENASHI has good navigation system and within seconds it moves from one page to another. Also, all pages have reference link and this makes it easy to get detailed information.

– Drag & Drop : Room change, person change etc will request a lot of data entry to be filled. It is a hectic task during busy hours. THE OMOTENASHI adapts drag and drop at most of the significant change processes. This eliminates a lot of manual work for hotel operations.

-Icons : Hotel operations are needed to make a lot of process for reservations. We have displayed good icons on the reservation page and Thus it helps in making entries very easily.

Revenue management(BETA)


<<< Revenue Management(BETA) >>>

For hotel operations, It is a majot task to launch a new room rate. This requires deep data analysis and good enough simulations before launch. However, it is hard to exercise these tasks. The Omotenashi has “Revenue Management”. It has designed PDCA cycle. Hotelier put plans of what they desire and Omotenashi supports the data and simulates the plan accordingly. This helps to reduce the risk for hotels to get result and thus prevents revenue loss. The Omotenashi has GOP, ADR,RevPar, Occupancy as KPI tools.

Room auto allocation



<< Automatic room allocation >>

It is extremely exciting when you get a reservation done in your hotel.However, there are lot of things to be done before guests arrive. One key task is room allocation. For hotelier, you wish to allocate same room during the entire stay, but there might be many same requests simultaneously. Thus, it is hectic work in order to adjust all guest requirements. The Omotenashi has “Automatic room allocation” function. When you have reservation from any OTA or directly from the customer, system will find the best room allocation and automatically assign the room based on defined rule. However, it is difficult to assign same room for peak seasons and Omotenashi will assign room by sequence and will let user know the assignment result. To perform the following task, hotel staff will click today allocation. Then Omotenashi will show the rooms which are not assigned to any other guests and tell the alternative recommendation about this. With this function, you can forget the room assignment and Omotenashi will make on behalf of you.