Room auto allocation



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It is extremely exciting when you get a reservation done in your hotel.However, there are lot of things to be done before guests arrive. One key task is room allocation. For hotelier, you wish to allocate same room during the entire stay, but there might be many same requests simultaneously. Thus, it is hectic work in order to adjust all guest requirements. The Omotenashi has “Automatic room allocation” function. When you have reservation from any OTA or directly from the customer, system will find the best room allocation and automatically assign the room based on defined rule. However, it is difficult to assign same room for peak seasons and Omotenashi will assign room by sequence and will let user know the assignment result. To perform the following task, hotel staff will click today allocation. Then Omotenashi will show the rooms which are not assigned to any other guests and tell the alternative recommendation about this. With this function, you can forget the room assignment and Omotenashi will make on behalf of you.

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