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Hotel operation requests quick actions especially in front of guest.

Hotel operation requests quick actions especially in the presence of guests. THE Omotenashi is keen to usability and eliminates unnecessary process and directly login to desired pages. We use following 3 points in order to make good usability system.

– Navigation : THE OMOTENASHI has good navigation system and within seconds it moves from one page to another. Also, all pages have reference link and this makes it easy to get detailed information.

– Drag & Drop : Room change, person change etc will request a lot of data entry to be filled. It is a hectic task during busy hours. THE OMOTENASHI adapts drag and drop at most of the significant change processes. This eliminates a lot of manual work for hotel operations.

-Icons : Hotel operations are needed to make a lot of process for reservations. We have displayed good icons on the reservation page and Thus it helps in making entries very easily.

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