Introducing The Omotenashi-PETS

We have modified The Omotenashi to extend its usability for Dog/Pet Hotels. Combining all existing features of The Omotenashi with many more, that will help you manage your pet hotel in a way which was never before possible. Based on human hotel's PMS, we have developed the features which are required for dog hotel operation. All booking, reception and back office features are incorporated into ONE package eliminating the need of installing other packages

  • Booking Classifications
    • Boarding Pets
    • Non - Boarding Pets
  • Training/Activity Management for Pets.
  • Medication/Vaccination Management.
  • Record for regular health checks and weight checks available.
  • Staff/Trainer Management. Attendance report generation.
  • Track records for all of the above can be kept and maintained.
  • Reports for all categories can be generated with ease.
  • Trainer Assignment - Specific trainers can be assigned to specific pets with the click of a button.