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Q.How many licenses are required?

A.Basically, Omotenashi needs license for each staff member. An ID will be given to each staff member and he/she can use system with this ID and also can customize for their use.

Q.Can we share user license?

A.No,it is not allowed to share.

Q.How to make license for resigned staff?

A.Disable salesforce account and assign Omotenashi ID to others. It is risky to keep active for resigned staff.

Q.How many types of user licenses are provided in this application?

A.Omotenashi user has only one type of license out of the following two Admin role/Manager role in application. This will distinguish the usage.Only one system administrator license will be given who will be allowed to change system setup.

Q.What is subscription license?

A.Omotenashi will ask license per usage. This will ask for 1 user per month subscription license.

Q.Any restriction on PC?

A.No restriction but need to follow salesforce guideline.


Q.Can we use Mobile?

A.Yes, off course. Omotenashi setup specific salesforce1 menus.

Q.Does POS need specific device?

A.No. POS is embedded in Omotenashi. It does not need any device.

Q.Does it needed to install some software?

A.No software is required. Just login to Omotenashi from your brower.

Q.Is server required?

A.No. Only internet is required.

Q.Any limitation on printers?

A.No limitation and you can use your printer which is connected on your PC.

Q.How to protect my customer data?

A.Omotenashi's stand-on salesforce security and robust data center secure your data 24*7 with dedicated security staff.

Q.Any BCP is planned?

A.Yes, all datacenter are millered and can switch to other data center when any incident occurs.

Q.Does it need to update virus software?

A.No. Omotenashi is a cloud service and it does not need any protection from your computer.

Q.Worried about multi tenant in cloud?

A.No worries. Salesforce will provide dedicated space for you which nobady can take even salesforce staff.

Q.Do you take any backup?

A.From system point of view, we take regular backup and also millerd data to other server. Also, system has recycle bin and can revert your data yourself in case of mistake.

Q.What about system availability?

A.Salesforce availability is 99.97% and there is no data lost/leak for 15 years.

Q.Any planned outage?

A.Have 3 times major upgrades and will take 10 min system planned outage. But this will execute at Sunday midnight and minimize your impact.

Q.What about Internet outage?

A.If internet connection lost, system will not work. You need to have backup process by yourself.

Q.What is the frequency of billing?

A.Billing is once in year. We will submit yearly invoice at your contract.

Q.What happens when there is delay in payment

A.Delay of 30 days or more in payment will remove data from system. We will give csv format data in 30 days if requested.

Q.What is the Payment method?

A.We can make via Paypal or Wire payment.

Q.What is Support availability in general?

A.Support is provided from Mon 9:00 hr to Fri 18:00 hr IST. (No support during weekend.)

Q.How to make support?

A.Email based support. Will make remote access in case of technical problem.

Q.How long will take to fix the problem?

A.Generally 2 business days.

Q.Can we ask support to salesforce?

A.No. Please contact us first.

Q.What is the Support language?

A.It is basically English.

Q.How to upgrade system?

A.Omotenashi will make yearly upgrade which is free. This will make in Jan and you can just click link and will take 5 min for upgrade system.Also, salesforce will make 3 times free upgrade.