This app comprises of the following interesting features as well:


Cloud Computing

"The Omotenashi" is developed on platform which is #1 in the cloud industry and helps your business face challenges which appear when the application is used.

Mobile Device

In today’s era people across the globe have gone mobile.But presently very few systems in hotels are based on mobile devices while most are run through personal computer’s. The Omotenashi uses latest mobile technology Salesforce 1, that allows access - Anytime and Anywhere.

System Assets

In this system there is need to own expensive IT assets.The system can be access via internet from any location.The self setup option allows you to setup the application within minutes so you can start using it today.

One Identity & Ideas

One Identity

We have introduced the ID system wherein each staff member is assigned a separate ID to maintain authenticity.

Reports based on Users

The Omotenashi generates To-Do activities for each staff member and it is transparent to the manager. This show’s what is needed to be done by each member.

Operation History

A Legacy PMS needs to record the person for changes.The Omotenashi automates this and records activities and changes in them automatically.

Free Upgrades

"The Omotenashi" provides a free upgrade once a year. This update will incorporate new features to the system.


Users can freely post their ideas on our website . This will improve this application's overall experience and help improve it’s functionality.

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Considering the volume and complexity of work , the Omotenashi provides a very good usability user interface.


Navigation menu is available on every screen of the application so that users can easily navigate to any screen and functionality.

Drag and Drop

To make use of the application simple yet important functionalities like drag and drop UI are available that help users perform complex operations within minutes.

Two home Pages

"The Omotenashi" has two home screens. This enables users to manage both hotel work and personal work simultaneously. All the staff members have a personal home screen which can also be personalized by them.